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I hope this letter finds you and your family well in these challenging times.

Our family is reaching out to you and your family with an opportunity to participate in what we believe is a great cause that will positively affect an incredible number of young lives. Over the last 7 years our family has received so much love and support from so many after we lost our daughter, sister and friend, Samantha Mason. We thank you for your love and kindness and continued thoughts whenever you think of our amazing Samantha.

Regardless of your decision to support, I appreciate you taking the time to read the rest of this letter. First some background, and then an opportunity for you to join us in a night to remember and honor Samantha Mason.

In 2012, our family travelled to the Dominican Republic with the organization called “LiveDifferent” and participated in the construction of three houses in a very impoverished area of the country that had been renamed Nuevo Renacer (New Beginning) once called Agua Negro (Black Water) named for the sewage and garbage that would regularly flood down from the hills and into their very shelters. As you can imagine, this was a life-changing trip for us, and one that I have very fond memories of, as it was one of the last trips we enjoyed together as a family.

As you know, we lost our daughter Samantha in 2015 to suicide, the result of years of bullying in school, unbeknownst to us at the time. Samantha was the kindest, most gentle soul that we have ever had the privilege of having in my life, always upbeat and carefree. She became an easy target for the bullies, a victim incapable of comprehending the ugliness in others, and ultimately felt that she herself was at fault, so assumed it as truth.

Shortly after Samantha’s passing, Charles Roberts, the Executive Director of LiveDifferent and a man who over the years had become a dear family friend, reached out to help share in our grief. We expressed to him our family’s need to somehow find a way to help kids going through similar crises, and to do so in the memory of Sammi as we had found a note on her phone after her passing in which she questioned whether she would be missed or even remembered. Charles invited us to learn more about LiveDifferent’s Peer Mentorship program, where survivors of different youth crises travel across Canada to High Schools with a message of love, empathy, compassion, and above all else hope. He felt it may help with our healing journey.

At that time, LiveDifferent was already in front of more Canadian youth through their programming than any other organization in our country, and the results were staggering. The team shared with us emails and texts written by students that had participated in the High School presentation, many of whom were previously self-harming or had written a suicide plan. The common message from all of these kids was that the LiveDifferent presentation had given them the strength, the courage, and above all else the hope to abandon their self-destructive thoughts and turn their lives around. It was then that we knew we had found a way to honor Sammi’s life and memory and vowed to walk together with LiveDifferent through Samantha’s Foundation, Angels of Compassion.

One of the largest impacts that Samantha’s foundation has had to date, in my opinion, is in helping to create LiveDifferent’s peer support mental wellness program (Circles), which has been modelled after an Indigenous talking circle, and meets students where they are at in order to help them connect with their peers, build resilience together, and engage in acts of compassion in their schools and communities here in Manitoba and all across Canada. We know Samantha would be very proud of this.

Prior to COVID, Canada was already experiencing a mental health crisis in that 29% of our young people that died did so by taking their own lives. It’s no secret to anyone that anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicide have had a foothold on our children and youth for some time now. The urgency of this crisis has significantly increased since the beginning of Covid. Isolation has been difficult for us all as adults, and it has been especially difficult for our youth and children. I would imagine that every single one of us has struggled at one point or another with poor mental health, and/or we all know a child or youth who has or is currently struggling.

When Covid hit in March 2020, LiveDifferent lost over half of their annual revenue and half of their staff team. Despite this, they were one of the first national youth organizations in Canada to move their youth programs completely online, absolutely reinventing interactive online experiences! Eighty-three percent of educators have said that LiveDifferent’s online programs are as effective or more effective than their traditional in-person programming. LiveDifferent’s goal is to continue making their online programs available for youth while also launching their in-person travelling teams, hopefully as early as this coming Fall.

So here’s the ask! We would like you to consider supporting the first-ever Samantha Mason Foundation, Angels of Compassion Gala on May 5th, 2022, with proceeds going to Live Different’s youth programs.

We know there is still some angst at the moment with regard to venturing out, but our hopes are that by May the current variant will be in abeyance, and we can start to get back together in person, to visit, to celebrate, and to love and help our youth, and particularly our youth in crisis. Know that if Covid prevents us from gathering on this date, we will refund all money immediately. However, by pledging support now, it will allow us to move forward in booking the venue and to plan an amazing night out with friends and peers.

Again, you’ve done so much in opening your hearts and supporting us in the last 7 years. We cannot express enough how grateful we are to everyone that has reached out and touched our lives. We continue to feel your love and support on a regular basis and that has been felt. If you feel that this is something you can get behind, and will be in need of a night out with friends by May, please contact us to book you a table, we’d love to see you there!

❤ Brad, Judy-Lynn, Alex and Tristan Mason ❤

Samantha Mason Foundation

LiveDifferent Circles


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